Aug. 16th, 2009

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I should probably core dump this while I still can since memories are fading.

I still remember 2007 in Yokohama with [ profile] hammercock, in which we partied with the Montreal bidding committee. It was no contest between Montreal and Kansas City for 2009. Having said that, we prepared for weeks to have a great time since we missed last year's con in Denver.
This time, I will be with more people I knew in a more familiar city. I was in Montreal over 8 years ago and fell in love with the environment. A few things have changed since (like the exchange rate and my marital status).

We left early in a caravan with [ profile] noire and J to avoid any rush hour traffic before hitting the border. NOTE: Always fill the fuel tanks in Vermont before crossing the border. Unfortunately, we were near the Montreal city limits by 5pm, so it took over an hour to travel 5km. Nonetheless, we were able to check in to our hotel by 7pm. We had the luxury of having our hotel right across the street from the convention building. It was convenient for panels and lectures but not for parties since the official party hotel was blocks further away.
After check-in came the common problem of trying to catch-up and coordinate with everybody at the con. Too many schedules; too little time. It ended up being a small dinner mob of 4 with [ profile] hammercock, [ profile] noire and J where they were kind enough to indulge me with a piece of nostalgia. One of the places I remembered eating 8 years ago was a Polish restaurant called Stash Cafe in the Old Port. It introduced me to pirogis, and I fell in love with the area. Very European with wonderful food. With each sight, smell, sound, and taste, an old memory resurfaced. There were a lot of, "Oh yeah, I DID THAT!" Try the duck, beer, and wine there. Stay for the old-style architecture. After that, we parted for parties until 4am.



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