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This is for [ profile] rigel, since our LJ friends lists do not overlap completely. It used to be my old place before I moved in with [ profile] hammercock:

EDIT: I have been informed that the opening in this part is still a huge maybe. They're trying to see if they can work something out.

One bedroom possibly opening in beautiful apartment in heart of Porter Square. All residents friendly, responsible, fun and geeky! Rent scales based on bedroom size and would be (I believe) either $750 or $800/month. If this happens, there will be a move-in date of September 1. Link to pictures included.

Please feel free to point others at this page! We'd prefer people we know if at all possible.

One bedroom opening in a gorgeous four-bedroom apartment in the heart of Porter Square. [ profile] rigel has lived there in some configuration or another for twelve years now, and has an excellent relationship with the landlord. The rent has varied by bedroom size lately, with the smallest costing $700/month and the largest $950/month. The bedroom opening is pretty reasonably sized.

The full photo list can be found here. Note: The room opening up is the one shown in these photos with purses hanging on the wall. Pictures are taken on an iPhone rather than a real camera; the large bedroom pictures (and the bathroom) are oddly yellow-tinted and much more cluttered than we usually are. The common room pictures are pretty indicative of roughly how clean the housemates keep the place.

The Place
More about the apartment . . .

Location: The house is on a quiet tree-lined street off of Elm Street, the main thoroughfare between Porter and Davis Square. The walk from there to Porter is about three minutes.

Space and Amenities: They have a spacious living room and dining room separated with French doors, a big kitchen with modern amenities including a fairly new stove and a dishwasher, and a free washer and dryer in the basement. They also have two porches in good repair that have served us well in social situations.

Furnishings: Most of the common rooms will be pre-furnished with their things, but they'd love additions to the place! Come see; it's pretty swank.

Landlord: The landlord only owns this property. He's kind, respectful, attentive, timely and cares a lot about his tenants; he's kept the rent lower than he would offer to new people, and he's had housemates over for dinner a few times in the years they've lived here.

Geekery: The apartment would come with everything they own, including a full entertainment system (with Playstation III, XBox 360 with Rock Band 2 set, and Wii), a laser printer and tons of board/card games, and wired and wireless Internet options.

Misc.: No pets. No smoking, even on the porches; you'll be asked to do it on the curb. House is in no way childproofed.

The Housemates
They are three young professionals and geeks whose ages range from mid-twenties to mid-to-late-thirties. D. is a consulting civil engineer, A. works in education, and [ profile] rigel works with User Interfaces and QA. They all enjoy the arts. They all like to cook; some of them are more experienced than others. Their interests overlap in other ways -- all of them are LARPers, A. and [ profile] rigel both enjoy fashion and costuming, and so on. They endeavor to be friendly, open-minded, responsible and communicative.

They're looking for someone who:
* pays rent and other bills on time, and takes responsibility for managing the cost breakdown of one utility in the house.
* keeps the apartment clean. They're not obsessive about it, but like to think of the place as a home as much as possible, and that includes keeping it tidy. They've lately been able to manage keeping the place clean without a chore list, but may consider instituting one if others prefer.
* is open-minded, specifically to queer/poly folks.
* is communicative. They try to address any house concerns in a forthright, tactful manner that respects everyone's perspectives, and they hope for the same behavior from our housemates.
* is preferably geeky and doesn't mind occasional social events. (With some emphasis on "occasional", they're moderately social sorts, but try to keep themselves informed as to when they're having guests over so no one's surprised and don't do it every day.) If you prefer to keep to yourself or aren't into what we're into, that's totally fine! But they welcome those who indulge in their hobbies and would enjoy their occasional get-togethers.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, please feel free to reply to [ profile] rigel. Thanks for reading, and they look forward to hearing from you!

Date: 2013-07-30 08:44 pm (UTC)
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I really appreciate this, but can you please put a very clear note at the beginning that the opening in this part is still a huge maybe? We're trying to see if we can work something out so that the current tenant can stay, with the understanding that he may need to break the lease mid-year. Thank you!


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