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I've now been working on game for hours at a time. I see, hear, and think of nothing but Gundams over and over. The same battle sequence. The same dialogue. If I don't finish this game, I will go crazy. The fact that game is technically in two weeks doesn't help. The poster hasn't gone up, the weapons need to be ordered by me, the rooms need to be reserved, and the game itself is still in the san-checking process. Ack.

I've been debating over whether to punt Legends as a result since it is happening the weekend before game. My brain is fried.

I will miss Auror as she leaves for the weekend. Looks like it's going to be me and my computer for a few days. Now, thanks to her 14.01 problem sets, I have marginal product of labor equations in my head. Gundam pilots invoking the marginal rate of substitution to use a buster rifle.
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Even with the latest technological advances, the complexity of human relationships can seldom be bypassed. Now that our random thought of the day is out of the way, I can say the following: dating SO's is so cool.
Given the environment that twinkies are in, this is hard to do considering that one-to-one interactions are lost in the standard dinner mob, gaming mob, movie mob, mobbing mob, robbing mob, slacking mob, and hacking mob. It's nice one in a while to remove such distractions and be in a serene environment with just the person you care about.
I admit that I face today's dating scene with skepticism, especially when dealing with the "blinkers" or "normals" or "humans". There is a severe degree of calculated artificiality when trying to do a first date: clothes, make-up, car, perfume, apartment. It feels like all style and no substance. Resulting conversations are the standard template: Who are you? What do you want? Lacks originality. Then again, these are humans.

Dating your SO is different. Especially if it's a twinkie SO. For starters, there is no artificiality, no synthetics. This is because the two people already surpassed the first stage of getting to know each other through mobs in a warm, friendly environment. You already make the first impression (and they like you anyway), and hence there is no further worries. Their true selves are revealed and welcomed by each other. Now they can have fun. They can reveal new things to each other to give more depth, even to surprise. It's like falling in love over again.
Such is the case when I went out last Tuesday with my primary Auror. (I say primary since I'm polyamorous even though I have no secondary. Hope to change that.) We had a nice quiet dinner together in a place on the North End that I haven't been in years. It was just the two of us. We played like a couple of beings from another dimension sent to Boston to observe humanity. We had fun. She was as lovely as the first day we went out. I welcome more nights like this with her and others.
As I write this, I think about an illusion made by a certain magician as he told a romance story that takes place in Tibet. A man tries to win the heart of a beautiful princess with a crystal necklace. But the necklace is on top of a 20ft pole. He uses levitation to secure it to the song of Sting's "Straight to My Heart."

Well in a hundred years from now
They will attempt to tell us how
A scientific means to bliss
Will supersede the human kiss

A sub atomic chain
Will maybe galvanize the brain
A biochemic trance
Will eliminate romance

But why ever should we care
When there are arrows in the air
Formed by lovers' ancient art
That go straight to my heart

A future sugar coated pill
Would give our lovers time to kill
I think they're working far too much
For the redundancy of touch

But what will make me yours
Are a million deadly spores
Formed by lovers' ancient art
That go straight to my heart

Come into my door
Be the light of my life
Come into my door

You'll never have to sweep the floor
Come into my door
Be the light of my life
Come into my door
Come and be my wife
I'll be true
To no one but you

If it's a future world we fear
We have tomorrow's seeds right here
For you can hold them in your hand
Or let them fall into the sand

But if our love is pure
The only thing of which we're sure
Then you can play your part
And go straight to my heart

If I should seek immunity
And love you with impunity
Then the only thing to do
Is for me to pledge myself to you

But they only dealt one card
So for me it is not hard
You're the bright star in my chart
You go straight to my heart

Come into my door
Be the light of my life
Come into my door
You'll never have to sweep the floor
Come into my door
Be the light of my life
Come into my door
Come and be my wife
I'll be true
To no one but you


Oct. 5th, 2001 11:00 am
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I woke up this morning feeling slightly down. To avoid going to work late, I set my alarm clock for much earlier in case I hit the snooze button several times. It just allowed me to hit the button even more. Went to work late anyway. *sigh*.

My mother sent me pagers about an elderly man in Florida who has a case of anthrax. She is now being paranoid about terrorists hitting Miami with biological warfare. I don't know what's worse: the possibility that she's paranoid or the possibility that she's right. Speaking of which, thanks to Auror, I'm contemplating whether to suprise my family with a visit home. I haven't been home since last Christmas. And if I don't do anything about it, I won't see some of them until next Christmas.

Then there is the attempt to finish game sometime this week for san-checking. Maybe I can get away with sending data files piece by piece to my zampolit this weekend. Something tells me that I shouldn't have gone to the Ig Nobels last night. The show itself was great (much better than last year with the simultaneous debates). There was even a wedding in 60 seconds or less. I like geek weddings. Wish I had more company though. The person who I was seeing this with gave me the feeling that I could have disappeared and she wouldn't care less. She kept talking about her circle of friends who I don't know (especially those who look like Marcus). Honestly, I wouldn't have been surprised if she ducked out in the middle of the show for a better view. She didn't even thank me for getting the tickets. That was the worse part. It amazing how powerful two words can be. *more sigh* Other than that, she was fun to be with.

We'll see what happens at tonight's mob. It's Questioner's birthday, and given the invite list, there will be women on opposite ends of the romance spectrum. This means that there will be people I love, people I like, and people I will be angry with in the same mob. Fortunately, there is only one person that I am currently very angry with. I will behave myself. I'm a grown-up. It should be fun.
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Still writing game for san-checking this weekend. Hopefully, it will be done in time. Work has been slow recently so I had lots of time on my hands. First off, to fulfill a child-like fantasy, I bought a video camera to audition for "The Real World". I know it's silly, but I didn't want to have any regrets. (The "coulda, woulda, shoulda" feeling) In addition, the 12-volume David Copperfield performances arrived from Singapore yesterday. Haven't seen him walk through the Great Wall since I was 7. That and game gave me something to do while the new Buffy premiere was being taped. It had the same expectations as Enterprise (with the same results). Oh well.

As for today, I finally purchased the last two pieces of my Gundam Wing video collection: (1) The final volume on VHS, and (2) the real Endless Waltz Special Edition DVD. Now, I can churn pages of character sheets like nothing before. I just have to remember that (1) I'm meeting the charming, sexy, talented, fiery redheaded Auror tonight, (2) I may be meeting the charming, talented, fiery redhead Rigel tomorrow night at the Ig Nobels, and (3)I'm going to a B-day mob for the charming, talented, fiery not-so-redhead Questioner Friday night. In addition to Shadowdawn Saturday, this will be one of my busiest weeks.

I love this planet.


Oct. 2nd, 2001 11:40 am
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Many people think that I'm clueless or silent. I think fast. I act fast. My actions carry more weight than my words. I'm like the trained assasin: I make my shots count. I absorb all the information, ramification, and possible outcomes of other people's conversations and can process them in a few seconds with as few words as possible. Which brings me to the subject.

That one word can summarize my reaction to auror's new look. It a great reaction. I very much like her new look and the fact that she did this for a cause. It's the "Whoa" #1. There are three type of "Whoa" one can have in a situation:

(1) Lloyd Dobbler's "Whoa" when he meets Diane Court for the first time in "Say Anything". A word of amazement and wonder at something beautiful.

(2) Chap's "Whoa" when a piece of Mir is about to collide with his shuttle in "Armageddon". A word of adrenaline rush to get out fast.

(3) Tyler Durden's "Whoa" when a bullet nearly blows his head off in "Fight Club". A word of "Not cool."

Hence, this is "Whoa" #1

Note: All three films are worth seeing for their shear contrast to each other (teen romance-comedy vs. cheesy sci-fi adventure vs. hard-core drama-action).

All this text was through my head in seconds and summarized in one word.


Oct. 1st, 2001 02:04 pm
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So much as happened at Legends that summarizing it in Livejournal would not do it any justice. I have much to talk about with auror. All I can say is that I had more fun with my new character (and his little puppet friend). I got to let loose after the last character was too restrictive. I was flamboyant. I was flirtatious. I was French. Enough said about that for now.
The only downside was my diet of granola bars and juice for the entire weekend. I'm in combat, not donating blood. I went to this place called China Buffet where all the other players go after Legends. They called it sketchy, but I didn't care: they had crab claws. It was still better than Pu Pu. Oh the joys of eating meat again. I realize that there are certain things that I can't go without for so long without going insane.
I went home to find it as cold as the wilderness that I went to. I packed too light and shivered much of the time. I missed the warmth of a comforter (or a female body). Either way, I had to catch up on work and other errands that I ignored on Friday. For starters, I was convinced by someone to go to a U2 concert which I thought was on 10/30. She got it for 10/31. I just hope nothing is happening on Halloween. As long as I wear my Earthforce uniform to the concert, I'm fine.
And it has occurred to me that Endless Waltz is scheduled in less than four weeks. I better speed things up since I'm only halfway done. Bring out the triple espresso. In the meantime, I have the new Buffy and Enterprise to look forward to this week. I saw the debut of Enterprise with Bester and Rigel. It had potential, though the intro needs work and the Vulcan gel smearing scene was _______ (it's already on the internet). Note to self, ask Rigel (1) where Rigel came from, and (2) about a possible trip to Manray.
For now, I should catch up on my work and look forward to seeing Auror tonight.
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Enough said.
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In an attempt to cut loose and be reckless, I have hurt two people over the weekend. I'm now feeling like I'm distancing everybody inadvertantly, and nothing I can say can change that. I've tried apologizing with no avail. If I keep this up, there will be nobody to talk to. I didn't know how bad things were with Auror until her last entry. I now feel fear for the first time in a long time. I'm sorry to those I hurt.


Sep. 20th, 2001 02:04 pm
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Yay. Auror has been released. She is still not well enough to do major activities, so no dancing for her. Of course, now it gives me the opportunity to shower her with Gundam episodes.

Out of it

Sep. 18th, 2001 11:15 am
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I visited an ailing Auror at the Med Center. Brought her tissues, back-up tissues, and emergency tissues. Also brought her cellphone and a couple of books. I've spent most of the visiting hours talking to her and just holding her hand. Now, I think I have what she has. Unlike her, however, I've been drinking heavily (the joys of ordering Super Size meals), so I can still work. I'm also full of medication with visions of sugar plum Gundams strolling along. The scary part about it is that they talk in Perl. I hope she is released soon.

I will be busy this week with writing game. I also heard about the 5E party this Friday. I just hope I can recover before then. I remember going to Mardi Gras with a fever and dehydration; and that was without alcohol. Then I will go to Waltham on Saturday to see an old friend. Seeing people is good.
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Read my character sheet for an upcoming role-playing game. This will be my most difficult plot. I need to write my own game in 6 weeks. And now, I'm slated to go square dancing not for pleasure but for obligation. The things we do for women. I thought I was above that. Now I've become a hypocrite. Auror owes me big time.
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I just saw a movie at the Kendall Square Cinema called "Ghost World." I won't go into details about the film. (IMDb it) It looks like a throwback to De Sica (40s Italian realism for non-De Sica fans). A summary would state that it involves a recent high school graduate who has adopted a Daria-esque persona or attitude and cannot seem to cope with the humanity around her, especially when finding work. In her quest to defy the real world, she has alienated herself from her folks and her only best friend. There also exists a man who spends his life revolved around his "78's" collection of old records and just stays at home. I give anybody full permission to shoot me on sight if I have or ever become like those two characters.

I seem to have a reevaluation of my own life every time I see an independent film. In which case, don't see "Center of the World" as a date film. You can kiss your SO good-bye within one hour. Believe me, I've timed this on numerous couples. Long story.


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