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I've now been working on game for hours at a time. I see, hear, and think of nothing but Gundams over and over. The same battle sequence. The same dialogue. If I don't finish this game, I will go crazy. The fact that game is technically in two weeks doesn't help. The poster hasn't gone up, the weapons need to be ordered by me, the rooms need to be reserved, and the game itself is still in the san-checking process. Ack.

I've been debating over whether to punt Legends as a result since it is happening the weekend before game. My brain is fried.

I will miss Auror as she leaves for the weekend. Looks like it's going to be me and my computer for a few days. Now, thanks to her 14.01 problem sets, I have marginal product of labor equations in my head. Gundam pilots invoking the marginal rate of substitution to use a buster rifle.


Oct. 1st, 2001 02:04 pm
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So much as happened at Legends that summarizing it in Livejournal would not do it any justice. I have much to talk about with auror. All I can say is that I had more fun with my new character (and his little puppet friend). I got to let loose after the last character was too restrictive. I was flamboyant. I was flirtatious. I was French. Enough said about that for now.
The only downside was my diet of granola bars and juice for the entire weekend. I'm in combat, not donating blood. I went to this place called China Buffet where all the other players go after Legends. They called it sketchy, but I didn't care: they had crab claws. It was still better than Pu Pu. Oh the joys of eating meat again. I realize that there are certain things that I can't go without for so long without going insane.
I went home to find it as cold as the wilderness that I went to. I packed too light and shivered much of the time. I missed the warmth of a comforter (or a female body). Either way, I had to catch up on work and other errands that I ignored on Friday. For starters, I was convinced by someone to go to a U2 concert which I thought was on 10/30. She got it for 10/31. I just hope nothing is happening on Halloween. As long as I wear my Earthforce uniform to the concert, I'm fine.
And it has occurred to me that Endless Waltz is scheduled in less than four weeks. I better speed things up since I'm only halfway done. Bring out the triple espresso. In the meantime, I have the new Buffy and Enterprise to look forward to this week. I saw the debut of Enterprise with Bester and Rigel. It had potential, though the intro needs work and the Vulcan gel smearing scene was _______ (it's already on the internet). Note to self, ask Rigel (1) where Rigel came from, and (2) about a possible trip to Manray.
For now, I should catch up on my work and look forward to seeing Auror tonight.


Sep. 10th, 2001 11:22 am
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It has been a while since my last entry due to recent events. I should start off on Friday when I came home during my lunch break to find out that my grandmother had a stroke. You don't realize how much you would miss someone until the possibility finally arrives. We had a falling out after a while due to distance, but all that disappeared when I called her from her hospital room. I was amazed to talk to her considering the fact that she had a stroke. I had Thrawn's SO talk to me about a worse case, but I'm glad that is not the case. I just found out today that she was released from the hospital to the relief of my entire family, including my father who is older than her (long story).
Fortunately, auror convinced me to go to Dralion with a bunch of my friends. Thrawn was fortunate enough to have a spare ticket, though it was for a solo seat. This was fine considering that I found out my ex-SO, Ween, was also joining us. More on that later. The performance was awe inspiring. The baffoons were funny. I liked the music, the acrobatics, and the overall flow. They gave me new ideas for my next Legends character which will be a Tor Aquillon. I even enjoyed one of the perks of attending a Canadian-based show: the purchase of Chardonnay at the concessions stand. For the record: white wine goes great with popcorn. Much to the dismay of auror, of all the souvenirs I could have purchased at the show, I invested $3 on a clown's nose. I needed the laugh considering what happened with my grandmother. This carried on to dinner where I sat between two of the quietest people in the table: Ween and Wicka, Thrawn's SO. Ween and I haven't spoken to each other since a wedding over two months ago, and now I'm seeing her during zebediah's move, Dralion, dinner, and (later) a housewarming party for three days straight. Talk about feelings of awkwardness. To this day, I still don't know whether to hate her or thank her for what she did. It was her break-up that allowed me to reject monogamy, be introduced to polyamory, and fall for auror. I am no longer the hopeless romantic, for I know that nothing is forever and I know true pain. Happily ever after doesn't exist. We pretty much had little to say to each other even though we were right next to each other.

Saturday was much better. After a semi-successful Shadowrun (another long story involving cybertrolls and elves), I went to a housewarming party hosted by rigel, bester, truthspeaker among others. It was a great party. Anime, gigaseconds of UNIX, and game oh my. Also, there were so many fine, foxy ladies to talk to. Bester may have convinced me to become a Mac user. And the thought of rigel with nearly all of her past and current SOs was interesting. I partied until late. It was all good. It is because of this that justifies my Livejournal mood. Just wished I did more on Sunday than sleep 60% of the day and saw "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" at LSC.


Sep. 2nd, 2001 08:08 pm
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I have returned from my first weekend at Legends. It was wonderful. I was able to figure out how people interacted. I even died twice. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of pissing off about half the characters in game. Fortunately, it was only the characters. This does mean that I will have to change characters from the next time. The only problem was the sudden chill I had Saturday night when it dropped from 80 to 50 in one hour. In the meantime, I have to write game. This will be my debut as a GM after six years of the Guild. (Yes, I'm old.)

After Legends, it was a relief to finally eat Chinese food. One can only live off Pocky for so long. Meat and ravs galore with the lovely auror. Afterwards was B5 and...well....I take a vow of silence on that one. For today, she visited her sister while I toured Harvard Square and Boston's Marache. I like the trip but some company was tempting. I have embraced my polyamory and am actively searching for a secondary. Yes, I've had a good weekend.
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I have three days to prepare for my first Legends weekend. Hopefully, I can get the materials today to make the weapons. My sword training still needs work since I still need painkillers to recover from a Patrol run. Then there is the matter of getting the costume ready and memorizing the rules. Need caffeine. Need booze.


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