Time loop.

Sep. 14th, 2001 12:59 pm
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Apparently history has a tendency of repeating itself every 20 years. The new wave of stength, unity and optimism that has recently spread across the country can be parallel to what Reagan tried to do in his first administration back in 1981. Coincidently, this also followed a series of massive tax cuts to revitalize the economy (though it was not as successful in both 1981 and 2001). It can also be parallel to the euphoria of the early Kennedy adminstration in 1961 as well as the FDR administration after Pearl Harbor in 1941.

As for the 80s, with songs like John Cougar Mellancamp's "Aint that America" and Springsteen's "Born in the USA" now in the airwaves, the loop continues. As we looked back at the 70s for retrospective fads only two years ago, we are beginning to find at least some positive meaning in the 80s (minus the AIDS scapegoating and corporate greed I hope). However, I sometimes feel old when I hear that Springsteen's 1984 song "Dancing in the Dark" is classified as an oldie. The Police is now considered classic rock. Now, I am thinking about the 2010s when we begin to look back at the 90s for a revival of not-so-old fads. Then again, it's just so 90s of me to consider this.

I invite a debate to anybody who reads this and disagrees with me.


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