Aug. 12th, 2009

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[ profile] hammercock and I came back from Worldcon.
Eventually, there will be:
A core dump
A sanity check

Now, off to my squishy bed.
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2193: "Coraline": I saw the Friday screening at Worldcon. In theory, it was following an introduction by Neil Gaiman. Unfortunately, [ profile] hammercock and I missed that. (I'm still trying to remember what we did that evening. Dinner? Where? I remember what she was wearing. I remember the afternoon with [ profile] noire, but not much else. Reminds me of movie #2194.) The screening took almost an hour long due to technical difficulties. If there was such a thing as an anti-ad, it would be for a Blu Ray player. Thankfully, someone got the DVD version before the entire audience stormed out.
To be honest, this was the most I've been immersed with Neil Gaiman fiction with the exception of seeing [ profile] sweetmmeblue as Death. Almost like a reverse Nightmare Before Christmas. Remind me never to piss off the cat.

2194: "The Hangover": I just saw this less than an hour ago. It's so wrong, but in a good way. Between this and "He's Just Not That Into You", Bradley Cooper perfects the Smooth Operator role. This movie brags not one but two Daily Show alumni. Ed Helms handles the Nerd-coming-out-of-shell role well. I fear that Rachael Harris will be typecast as the Frosty Bitch for a while. Even Mike Tyson was funny.


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